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EntertainmentGuruMay 6, 2021

The Masked Singer returned on Wednesday for the long-awaited Spicy 6 face-off! ET is following along throughout the entire episode to break down the night’s biggest moments and many revealing hints!

Tonight, fans will see some show-stopping performances from The Piglet, Robopine, The Yeti, The Russian Doll( s), The Chameleon and The Black Swan– prior to biding farewell to yet another talented vocalist.

Prior to the unmasking, America’s preferred panel of celebrity “detectives”– Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy, in addition to guest panelist Chrissy Metz — will attempt their finest to guess the vocalists’ secret identities, as viewers at home keep their eyes peeled for all the smallest and most revealing clues.

The enjoyable begins at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Fox, and you can watch and follow along as we explore the remarkable madness and strange, captivating mayhem that is The Masked Vocalist season 5!

Who’s Under the Mask?

6: 02 PM:

As it turns out, Nicole has some great impulses and Chrissy may be one of the best visitor panelists when it comes to selecting up on clues!

Very First Impressions and Last Guesses

6: 00 PM:

Jenny’s First Impression: Jamie Foxx

Jenny’s Final Think: Jamie Foxx

Nicole’s First Impression: Jamie Foxx

Nicole’s Final Guess: Tyrese

Ken’s First Impression: Jamie Foxx

Ken’s Last Guess: Wesley Snipes

Robin’s First Impression: Ginuwine

Robin’s Final Guess: Terrence Howard

Chrissy’s Final Guess: Tyrese

And the Vocalist Going House Is …

5: 57 PM:

WOW, somehow it’s Robopine getting the axe this week!

Chrissy straight-up scream’s “No!” and Nick says, “I’m simply as confused as you all.”

It’s Time to Vote!

5: 53 PM:

It’s that time once again, where the audience votes for who they like most, and the contestant with the least amount of votes has to unmask.

With it all down to simply six singers, I sense we may be saying goodbye to The Chameleon, even if of the energy levels of the efficiency, but it’s truly anyone’s guess.

As normal, we’ll have to wait up until after the business to find out who’s going home.

The Chameleon Commemorates The Dragon

5: 52 PM:

Last season, The Dragon turned out to be Busta Rhymes, and this week The Chameleon is handling one his fellow reptile’s hits.

Dressed Up in a special dayglo ensemble that looks a fair bit various from his costume in the past, The Chameleon delivers a flawless cover of “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Might See.”

It’s a bit low-energy, but the panelists appear to love it, and there’s no rejecting that The Chameleon’s circulation proves he’s a pro.

” Oh my gosh, that was some lit legitness,” Nicole marvels. “You simply had your own circulation and did your own thing, that was crazy! And I’m a groupie.”

Bonus Offer Idea

For The Chameleon, the mind reading x-ray scanner exposes that he’s got tennis shoe on his mind.

” This clue should take you a step in the best direction. Or maybe the left,” The Chameleon adds, unhelpfully.

Panelists Guesses:

Ken recommends it might be his “household pal,” Young Hooligan.

Jenny guesses it could be Snoop Dogg.

The Chameleon– NEW IDEAS !!

5: 48 PM:

The Chameleon:

– Says, “The trick [to success] is to do something that speaks with you. Like here on the program, I discover my groove by making songs my own.”

– We see a plate of orange slices.

– States, “As a military kid, I constantly had to adapt from city to city. I became proficient at making buddies.”

– We see a plate of brownies with an indication reading “Brownies for $ale.”

– We see a boat captain’s hat, and The Chameleon plays with a toy airplane.

The Russian Dolls Have Depth

5: 43 PM:

Lastly! After teasing The Russian Dolls’ efficiency of Shallow prior to the season even kicked off, this is finally the efficiency we were all assured!

Strangely, there are just two singers today. I have no concept where the 3rd Russian Doll is, but possibly this is just another effort at complicated everybody? It’s hard to tell.

” I had a feeling tonight, this would be the Russian Doll’s greatest challenge,” Robin shares. “However, you had the ability to show us a brand-new variation of yourselves and I think you just got yourselves to the finals.”

Reward Clues:

The Russian Dolls step up behind the mind reader and we see a kangaroo in among their heads.

” Similar to kangaroos with their joeys, you never ever understand the number of people are going to pop out,” The Russian Doll says.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Jenny thinks it’s Hanson.

Robin concurs that it’s Hanson.

Ken thinks it might be Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger.

The Russian Dolls– BRAND-NEW CLUES !!

5: 38 PM:

The Russian Dolls:

– There are only 2 of the 3 dolls in this hint package.

– There’s a huge penny and nickel on display. The penny is dated 2015 and the nickel is dated 1974.

– One Doll says, “When we first began we never anticipated that putting ourselves out there lie that would open us approximately quite harsh criticism.”

– The other Doll says, “Maturing we were laughed up. Even the method we looked was criticized. Like we could help it.”

– There’s a huge golden belt buckle and some golden chains next to a tea set.

– States, “The haters are gon na dislike, however what we were doing was what we love to do.”

– Says, “We accepted not being the coolest since we reached a great deal of people who possibly felt like outsiders, just like us.”

– We see a big wok and/or fry pan lying on a couch.

– Says, “It’s what’s inside that matters most. Specifically here.”

The Black Swan Is a Real Wonder

5: 33 PM:

There truly isn’t anything The Black Swan can’t sing with remarkable power. This week, she’s bringing some welcome energy and sweet inflammation with a cover of Stevie Marvel’s “Do I Do.”

With roses and hearts and back up dancers who are dressed up like … the color red? It’s hard to tell, however the message is clear: The Black Swan enjoys love.

She’s strutting around stage with design, sensuality and class in what may be one of her best and most fascinating efficiencies to date.

” It is so outstanding! Everything about you is excellence,” Ken marvels.

Bonus Hint:

The mind-reader scan programs an image of Mariah Carey in Black Swan’s head and Nick jokes “That’s exactly what’s on my mind. There’s a few others, however she’s in there.”

” For the record,” the Black Swan describes, “I’m a huge fan of hers. Passing her record one time was simply one of the greatest minutes of my entire life.

” I beat her in Link 4 one time,” Nick jokes.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Robin recommends Kesha.

Chrissy guesses Christina Milian.

Ken thinks it’s Chrissy’s This Is United States co-star Mandy Moore, and Chrissy disagrees.

The Black Swan– NEW IDEAS !!

5: 29 PM:

The Black Swan:

– The Black Swan makes a shaka indication with her hand (aka, the Hang Ten surfer gesture).

– We see a black umbrella at a dining table with 2 candles on it.

– We see an animation drawing of an atom, a blonde pony and an infant.

The Piglet Is Beating the Chances

5: 23 PM:

After a high-energy tune last week, The Piglet is slowing things down with a Phil Collins jam this week, and it’s still working for him.

Accompanied by a pianist on a white infant grand, this number proves The Piglet doesn’t need a lot of huge sets of pyrotechnics to mesmerize audiences.

” At the end of the day, it comes down to one thing: how terribly do you want it.

Bonus Clues:

We are about to get The Piglet’s mind-reader idea, but rather of a scan of Piglet’s brain, we see an X-Ray of Cluedle-Doo’s head!

Robin then threatens Cluedle-Doo by eating a giant bucket of fried chicken that relatively appears out of nowhere.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Ken thinks it might be Ian Somerhalder.

Robin guesses Taylor Lautner.

Nicole recommends it could be Brian Littrell or Nick Lachey, and Jenny agrees.

The Piglet– BRAND-NEW CLUES !!

5: 18 PM:

The Piglet:

– First of all, it looks unusual as hell to see the candidates partly unmask.

– We see a set of fake Halloween vampire dentures.

– There are stacks of four gold bars on a table.

– States he has a “substantial birthmark on the side of my head, shaped like an apple.”

– There’s a leather chair with white numbers on it. 1 is standing against the back of the seat while 2,3,4, and 5 are laying on the cushion itself.

– States, “Then, I faced the sorority lady of my dreams and she just states, ‘You actually require hair.”

– Says, “Everything exercised. I found my genuine dream girl who enjoyed me and my apple head.”

Robopine Switches On the Water Functions

5: 14 PM:

Using the R&B well yet again, Robopine is proving again than when it pertains to stirring, sincere ballads, he’s absolutely got the marketplace cornered– a minimum of among the spicy six.

The number is simple, gorgeous and emotional, and it’s clear how much soul and pain Robopine is infusing into the surprisingly quick tune.

” You have actually been knocking the ballads out of the park,” Robin shares.

Bonus Hint:

Robopine’s mind-reader scan programs an image of a lightbulb in his head.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Jenny believes it might be Usher or Forest Whitaker (because they were both in Light It Up).

Robopine– BRAND-NEW HINTS !!

5: 10 PM:


– When asked to expose something people do not know about him, he says, “My household was on food stamps. It was a consistent battle.”

– We see a popcorn maker.

– He discusses taking a school excursion to a “magical” theme park.

– He states there’s an amusement park flight based upon a job I had belonged of.

– He states “But it’s bittersweet, since somebody who I liked dearly, who was a big part of everything, is no longer here. He was taken too soon in the most terrible method, but I was fortunate to be on life’s rollercoaster with him.”

Mind-Reader Clues

5: 09 PM:

Okay, so, the season got somewhat intrusive with their clues when they began taking stuff from the contest’s homes, and now they are full-on attacking their minds with an unique modern mind-reading computer system!

In case you didn’t realize it currently, in some way, this show is flat-out bonkers, and it could not be much better.

Bonus Clue:

The Yeti’s “mind reading” outcome (which is generally an X-ray that shows an image in his skull of what he’s considering? The internal logic of the Masked Singer’s sci-fi telepathy device is muddled, at best.

Anyway, The Yeti is apparently thinking of corn on the cob.

” Corn popped into my mind,” The Yeti adds as part of the idea.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Chrissy thinks it might be Trey Songz or Miguel.

The Yeti Changes Things Up

5: 06 PM:

The Yeti made Nicole cry last week, and this week he’s getting the panel on their feet and dancing!

The furry snow monster is performing an high-energy cover of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s 1988 megahit “It Takes 2,” and it’s definitely electric.

” I mean, he ended in the divides, Nick!” Nicole exclaims after the number. “All I kept thinking was, ‘I wan na go to your program!'”

” He is a multi-threat!” Jenny includes.


5: 04 PM:

The Yeti:

– Obviously, the candidates are “taking it off” in their clue packages? Their faces are still fully obscured, however this might provide us an added insight into their physicality.

– Says, ‘Woah, it is weird to come out of hiding like this.”

– There’s a plush panda toy in the background.

– We see a man consuming 5 chocolate ice creams in cones with sprinkles.

– Says, “I’m actually simply a household Yeti. When my daughter was born, I dropped everything to hurry home to be the very first to hold her.”

– We see a blue pacifier.

– Says, “I didn’t actually see a purpose in life until I ended up being a papa.”

The Panel Has an Unique Visitor

5: 03 PM:

The show is bringing some star power with their visitor panelist today– This Is United States star and singer Chrissy Metz!

She must definitely make for a fascinating addition.

5: 00 PM:

The program is going for a “spicy” burlesque introduction that gives us a sensation for what we’re gon na see.

Specifically, all of the candidates this season are “taking it off” tonight.

Take a look at the video below to hear more about the wild and unanticipated unmaskings that have actually currently rocked the 5th season of The Masked Vocalist.


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‘ The Masked Vocalist’: Week 8 Ends With Super Star Unmasking After a Night of Big Ideas and Impressive Performances

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‘ The Masked Vocalist’: Week 8 Ends With Super Star Unmasking After a Night of Huge Ideas and Legendary Performances

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