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EntertainmentGuruMarch 5, 2021

Thanks to Jennifer Aniston’s BFF, Andrea Benewald, we’re finally discovering the significance behind her famous “1111” wrist tattoo. On Feb. 11, Benewald shared a birthday homage to her bestie, sharing an image of the their matching tattoos and exposing the significance behind the ink.

” Delighted Birthday Jen! You are the best-est, most lovely, skilled, huge hearted, kind and AMUSING lady on the planet!

On Thursday, Aniston wanted Benewald a pleased birthday, sharing a series of images of her finest good friend on her Instagram Stories, including the same photo of their matching tattoos.

On the latest episode of Cummings’ Excellent for You podcast, she invited influencer Hannah Stocking to tattoo ‘I heart J,’ a nod to Aniston, on the bottom of her foot.

” There’s nothing I won’t do for a laugh.

Whitney cummings

Whitney Cummings

Aniston has yet to react to her friend’s brand-new ink.


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Jennifer Aniston Simply Revealed the Meaning Behind Her Famous ‘1111’ Wrist Tattoo

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Jennifer Aniston Simply Revealed the Meaning Behind Her Famous ‘1111’ Wrist Tattoo

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