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Yellowjackets is the hit survival drama that unfolds over 2 timelines: one in the past, when the high school soccer group’s aircraft crashed in the northern wilderness, requiring the stranded teenage ladies to do anything to make it through; and another in today, getting with 4 grownups, who handled to make it out alive almost 25 years previously.

After an explosive launching, which made 7 Emmy elections, Showtime restored the series from developers Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson for another season. And as anticipation develops for the brand-new episodes, here’s whatever we understand about season 2:

New and Returning Cast Members

Season 1 starred an ensemble cast, with Melanie Lynskey and Sophie Nélisse as the adult and teenage variations of Shauna, respectively; Tawny Cypress and Jasmin Savoy Brown as the adult and teenage variations of Taissa; Juliette Lewis and Sophie Thatcher as the adult and teenage variations of Natalie; along with Christina Ricci and Sammi Hanratty as the adult and teenage variations of Misty.

Other preliminary survivors consisted of assistant coach Ben Scott (Steven Krueger), the late coach’s 2 boys, Travis (Kevin Alves) and Javi (Luciano Leroux), in addition to employee Jackie (Ella Purnell), Van (Liv Hewson), Lottie aka the Antler Queen (Courtney Eaton), Akliah (Keeya King), Laura (Jane Widdop) and Mari (Alexa Barajas).

While Laura passed away attempting to remove in a little prop airplane early on and Jackie adhered death throughout the season 1 ending, fan-favorite Van made it through being trampled by a wolf. After her fate was exposed, Purnell informed ET, “I keep attempting to persuade the authors. Like, I’m attempting to come up with all these various reasons that they must compose me in the next season,” joking fans need to begin a petition to bring her back as a ghost.



Currently, there’s no prepare for Jackie’s return in season 2. The program is including adult variations of essential characters, with Van to be played by Lauren Ambrose. She signs up with Obi-Wan Kenobi star Simone Kessell, who will handle Lottie, who was exposed to privately be horning in the other adult survivors at the end of the season.

In Addition, Elijah Wood will have “a season-long visitor arc” as Walter. According to Showtime, he is “a devoted Resident Investigator who will challenge Misty in methods she will not see coming.” After the news was revealed, the star shared, ” I am beyond stired to sign up with y’ all.”

” The majority of my scenes, not to ruin anything, however a great deal of my scenes this season have actually been with Elijah Wood. and it’s fantastic dealing with him once again,” Ricci informed ET about reuniting with her Ice Storm co-star.

Nuha Jes Izman has actually been included as a repeating visitor star with the function being promoted as substantial to the plot of season 2. The FBI alum will play Crystal, a fellow member of the JV soccer group and a theater stan who befriends Misty.

After the most recent additions to the series were exposed, Hanratty stated she was “so fired up to invite all the brand-new Yellowjackets cast.”

Although no other brand-new cast members have actually been revealed, anticipate for some to be exposed either ahead of season 2 or when the program returns, specifically when it concerns the mystical individuals using the rune sign who abducted Natalie. “They are not survivors,” Lyle stated, with Nickerson including, “Those are brand-new employees.”

Composing and Shooting Brand-new Episodes

Recording for season 2 is set to start at the end of summertime in Vancouver, with the developers hectic composing scripts for the brand-new episodes.

As the cast prepares to go back to Canada, Lynskey stated she was eagerly anticipating reuniting with her more youthful equivalent to go over playing Shauna. “That’s the main point I wan na do when we return to Vancouver is take a seat with Sophie after we have actually checked out the very first script and have a talk and simply, you understand, do it the method we have actually been doing it ’cause I seemed like it worked,” Lynskey shared.

Ever Since, the Emmy candidate exposed that she reads the script for the season 2 best. “I want there was another script. I want I had episode 2. I want I had episode 3. I simply wished to keep reading it, which is an actually excellent indication,” she gushed. “I was really interested by my character, and after that likewise everybody else’s characters.”



When It Comes To whether she gets to gather with the imaginative group like Lynskey performed in season 1 stays to be seen. “I wish to. I wish to do it when they’re prepared. I do not wan na press any person. I can’t think of the pressure that’s on them. Like, envision composing the program and having it get the action it has actually gotten and after that needing to compose another season. What a headache. I would be so stressed out,” the starlet stated. “So, I believe the last thing they require is some star who resembles, ‘Men, what’s taking place?’ I simply desire them to have some breathing space.”

On the other hand, Ricci exposed to ET that “the very first couple scripts had the whole cast gasping. It’s even wilder, more insane, more stunning and truly engaging and enjoyable.”

Plot and Unanswered Concerns

When Yellowjackets returns, it’s anticipated to detect both timelines, with the past still concentrated on enduring members of the group as winter season nears. “I would state that season 1 was truly about cracks and the previous bubbling to the surface area. And I believe, you understand, Bart utilized the word numeration in the past, and I believe that there will be a more direct considering the previous progressing,” Lyle stated.

Nickerson included, “There’s likewise something that [director] Karyn Kusama stated in our very first conference, which seems like a million years earlier, where she pitched as a subtitle for the program, she stated, ‘Yellowjackets: An American War Story.’ Which’s constantly type of stuck to me. And I believe that will be extremely real with season 2.”

That stated, the greatest concern entering into season 2 is whether the teenage ladies will lastly take part in cannibalism, something that was meant at the start of season 1. Numerous fans thought that the series would expose who would be the very first amongst them consumed, however the developers discussed why they didn’t wish to go there– yet.



” It’s a case of wishing to make certain that we develop the story correctly and have– in spite of the increased quality of the program– have the correct amount of grounding,” Lyle described. “And in our minds, it simply would take longer than the time we allocated for the very first season to get to that real point. I imply, in regards to crossing a Rubicon, that is a huge one. We desired to truly strike the psychological minutes that we might see as precursors to that.”

She included that “the objective was constantly that season 1 was constantly indicated to be spring, summer season, fall with a sort of ‘winter season is coming’ feel to it. And after that season 2, winter season hits and it’s sort of the peak of whatever that we have actually seen structure towards. I would enjoy to assure all our audiences that we’re not going to drag out cannibalism for 5 seasons. It is quite coming, however we wish to make certain we arrive the proper way.”

Beyond who is consuming who, there are numerous, numerous unanswered concerns the series will ideally attend to in the brand-new episodes: Who abducted Natalie and why? Is Lottie in charge of the rune individuals? Is Taissa a witch? What occurred to Shauna’s coming infant? What occurred to the other survivors?

No matter what, “we intend to up the stakes in season 2,” Lyle teased. “I’m gon na leave you with that.”

Wishes For the New Season

On the other hand, the cast has lots of expect season 2, particularly when it pertains to their particular characters and who they get to movie with. For Lynskey, that is investing more time with numerous cast members, brand-new or returning.

” Truthfully, in season 1, every scene that I got I would resemble, ‘Oh enjoyable.’ Like, I get to deal with Juliette Lewis, I get to deal with Tawny Cypress, I get to deal with Christina Ricci, I get to deal with Warren Kole and Sarah Desjardins, I get to deal with Peter Gadiot. Like, everybody was enjoyable. I simply enjoyed that everybody was so various. Individuals’s techniques are so various and it simply was a really, really artistically satisfying time,” Lynskey stated. “So, I simply hope that I get to have scenes with all of them once again. Well, not Peter since he passed away. RIP. Everyone else, I simply like working with all these individuals. I’m simply delighted for all of it. “

Considered That Natalie was abducted, it’s most likely the adult ladies will have more scenes together as they try to find their missing out on buddy. “I have a feeling the 3 of them are most likely going to have a great deal of scenes together in the next season looking for Juliette’s character. In my head, that’s the method it goes,” Cypress stated, describing Taissa coordinating with Shauna and Misty.



” It’s truly interesting to me to see how that dynamic is going to be due to the fact that I invested a great deal of this season with Melanie and Juliette. It’ll be intriguing to see having Misty rather of Natalie and how that notifies our relationship,” Ricci stated, including that she was likewise “delighted to see all of the survivors together and connecting more due to the fact that there are so lots of tricks.”

With the possibility of an adult Van going into the fold, it’s any marvel what that will suggest for Taissa and her marital relationship. “Taissa’s marital relationship appears to be in disarray,” Cypress stated, describing Taissa’s separated partner, Simone (Rukiya Bernard), in today. “It ‘d be truly enjoyable to see an adult Taissa conference up with an adult Van and where that goes and what that history is everything about.”

Lewis, on the other hand, teased, “My character is going to be truly unforeseeable. She’ll be various than the very first season.” When it comes to who eliminated Travis? ” I have no concept,” she quipped.



When it concerns the more youthful variation, Thatcher wants to see Natalie invest more time with the remainder of the women and re-embrace her “huntress” personality in season 2. “She discovers a function for a bit handling that function,” the starlet stated. “I enjoy that concept of her being the hunter of the group. Then she got sidetracked and begun sleeping with Travis and I desire to go back to that.”

When it pertains to the impending the cannibalism that was very first teased in the best episode, Thatcher does not think it’ll occur with Jackie’s dead body. “I do not understand we’re really at that point of breakdown,” she stated of the psychological shift needed for them to lastly consume among their own.

Thatcher included, “I believe some individuals are extremely near the edge of that, however I absolutely do not believe Natalie is.”

When it particularly concerns playing Misty, “I constantly get thrilled for the enjoyable things. You understand, the murder clean-up and the secret resolving and all that things. Like, that’s the things I like,” Ricci stated, describing Adam’s (Gadiot) death in season 1, while keeping in mind that she desires more of her character’s backstory. “However I likewise am thrilled for our sort of understanding of her to grow and for us to sort of discover more about who she is. You understand, she’s a really active character, however we do not understand that much about her genuine story and who she is. And I want to check out more of that too.”

Ricci is likewise thrilled about how the brand-new cast members will shake things up for the series. “I’m simply thrilled for the story– the story got so insane in the last episode of season 1, and I’m simply thrilled for that intricacy and the brand-new characters we’ll be presented to and whatever, you understand,” she stated.

Best Date and Teaser

In December 2022, Showtime exposed that season 2 will premiere on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with the very first episode readily available to stream beginning Friday, March 24 on the Showtime app.

Yellowjackets season 2


The news accompanied the launching of a puzzling brand-new teaser in addition to the very first main take a look at winter season setting in for the more youthful survivors in the wilderness. “You will not be starving a lot longer,” the program’s main Twitter provided.


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‘ Yellowjackets’ Season 2: Whatever We Understand About New Cast Members, Best Date and More

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