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When HBO initially revealed its tv adjustment of The Last of United States, fans revealed mass issue. The computer game, initially debuted in 2013 and re-released as The Last of United States Part I in 2022, stays among the most cherished narrative arcs in the video gaming neighborhood (there is likewise a follow up, The Last of United States Part II, launched in 2020). Video game versus program contrasts were unavoidable, and prospering would need undying regard of the source product.

Efforts to adjust the video game had actually currently stopped working when: TLOU nearly ended up being the topic of a live-action motion picture in 2019, however the task failed prior to production started.

Program developers Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann took a look at these battles as discovering chances for their tv program, which is presently airing season 1 on HBO Max. Druckmann is likewise a director of the initial video game.

To be successful in their adjustment, Mazin and Druckmann understood they required to strike a balance in between a sincere representation of the video game’s resourcefulness and an understanding of where tv needs various kinds of storytelling. The very first episode’s release in January appeared to shock even the most ardent of fans with just how much they got it right.

Have a look at our preferred The Last of United States video game vs. program contrasts by episode listed below.

EPISODE 1 – Missing Out On Spores and a Transformed Setting

HBO’s very first departure from the video game remains in its setting: The program happens 10 years prior to it performs in the video game.

Mazin and Druckmann likewise changed the fundamental information of the story’s pandemic. The video game includes contagious spores that are transmissible through the air, however the television program eliminates this. The modifications were gotten relatively favorably online, with numerous arguing that the spores would have been more difficult to think in a broadened television setting anyhow (the physics of how a spore takes a trip through windows and doors are much easier to manage in a computer game).

The program’s pandemic offers rather with infections triggered by direct contact, transmissible through bites and food products.

The very first episode still made waves for its resemblance to the video game. This video reveals a contrast from the scene when Joel (Pedro Pascal), his child, Sarah (Nico Parker), and his sibling, Tommy (Gabriel Luna), leave their Texas house following the preliminary Cordyceps break out in2003 From the within the automobile, Sarah sees a burning structure on the side of the roadway:

EPISODE 2- Pandemic Backstory and Tess’ Death

The television program discusses the deadly Cordyceps origin in a manner that the video game does not. Episode 2 consists of an opening series relating to a mycologist in Indonesia who checks an early human victim of the altered fungi. The scene is dated Sept.24,2003, and after checking the body, she tearfully recommends the federal government authorities to bomb the city where the victim was discovered. The scene offers an useful backstory for the numerous bombed cities that Joel and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) discover throughout the U.S. in such a way that the video game does not discuss with such information.

Episode 2 likewise marks Joel’s terrible farewell to his partner, Tess (Anna Torv), who ends up being contaminated while she, Joel and Ellie are working their method through a deserted structure.

The scene when she exposes her infection to Joel is extremely comparable to the minute in the video game, and likewise occurs in the very same structure:

Tess’ death, nevertheless, is considerably various. Instead of just assaulting the approaching FEDRA soldiers to purchase Joel and Ellie time for their escape, she sets fire to the entire structure and after that permits among the contaminated runners to kiss her, and their altered fungal tendrils to enter her mouth.

Though the disturbing kiss does not occur in the video game, Druckmann later on informed Entertainment Weekly that the tendrils originated from the video game’s idea art.

” Craig wisely stated, ‘What can we do to separate our contaminated even further from zombies?’ It’s more than simply a bite. There’s something else going on,” Druckmann stated. “I want we had that aha minute instantly, however we conceptualized many various things that they might be doing,” he includes. “A few of them were quite over-the-top.”

EPISODE 3 – Costs and Frank’s Romance

The program’s 3rd episode is its most well-known departure from the video game. Expense (Nick Offerman) and Frank’s (Murray Bartlett) life stories are nonexistent in the video game, and Joel and Ellie’s interactions with the 2 characters are likewise modified.

The television program provides Costs and Frank’s story as a flashback. Expense was a sturdy survivalist who prevented the government-mandated evacuation and after that lived alone in his area which he secured with traps and fences. After years of privacy, Frank shows up, pleading him for food and shelter. The 2 fall in love, and cohabit quietly for many years, sometimes hosting Joel and Tess and warding off trespassers.

The last of us pedro pascal nick offerman


Frank eventually falls ill with an ALS-like disease. When he can’t go on any longer, the 2 males devote suicide together, passing away in each other’s arms in their bed room. Joel and Ellie get here later on that year and discover their suicide note on the table. The letter is resolved “To whomever, however most likely Joel.”

In the video game, Joel and Ellie need to work their method through Expense’s traps around the town and ultimately discover him alive. Costs informs Joel that Frank had actually ended up being contaminated and eliminated himself. The group ultimately discovers Frank’s dead body hanging from a tree, and a close-by suicide note exposes that Frank seethed at Expense at the time of his death. Expense never ever defines the nature of his relationship with Frank, and when Joel and Ellie leave, he is still alive. He never ever appears once again throughout the rest of The Last of United States video games.

ET spoke with Mazin in February about the option to go deeper on Expense’s story. ” It was something that I proposed to Neil [Druckmann] since I believed there was a chance there,” Mazin stated. “The Expense area [of the game], a great deal of it was based around video game play and we clearly do not have that, however likewise Expense was distinct. He had actually developed security and I was captivated by the concept of someone who had actually removed the significant issue and was safe. Now what?”

See more here:

Episode 3 was a huge success for Mazin and Druckmann. Significant in its narrative distinctions, fans applauded the program’s modifications and commemorated the developers’ exceptional storytelling. Computer game critic Bernard Boo composed that the installation was “among the very best episodes of tv in current memory and functions as irreversible evidence that this program might be, just 3 episodes in, the very best computer game adjustment ever made.”

EPISODE 4 – Very Same Battle, Different City

Ellie and Joel are assailed at the start of episode 4, a scene extremely comparable to the video game. The assailant pretends to be hurt however then strikes the automobile, breaking the windscreen and later on requiring both Joel and Ellie into the available to combat. You can see the game-to-show contrast here:

In the program, Joel and Ellie remain in Kansas City, required to detour there en route to Wyoming. In the video game, this ambush occurs in Pittsburgh, however much of the set structure makes them appear like the very same city. In both, the location has actually been damaged, initially by FEDRA and after that by Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) and her resistance motion. Kathleen’s backstory is likewise a lot more expanded by Mazin and Druckmann.

In the program, the preliminary ambush leads to Ellie’s very first kill utilizing the weapon she drew from Expense and Frank’s. Star Bella Ramsey was applauded for their efficiency in this scene, a mournful representation of their young character’s injury. In the video game, Ellie just injuries the guy, extending the battle and later on eliminating him throughout a lot longer brawl series.

See one contrast (with a couple of additional scenes) here:

While concealing in Kansas City, Ellie gets up to discover Sam (Keivonn Woodard) and Henry (Lamar Johnson) holding her and Joel captive. The episode ends on this cliffhanger:

EPISODE 5 – Sam and Henry

Mazin and Druckmann made another significant character modification in episode 5. Sam and Henry both appear in the video game, Sam is more youthful in the program, as well as mute. He talks to Henry, his sibling, in indication language and interacts with Ellie with a white board, a totally brand-new addition for the television adjustment.

” It’s a manner in which Sam needs to count on Henry much more,” Druckmann stated of the modification in HBO’s “Inside The Episode” featurette.

In the program, Sam, Henry, Joel and Ellie make their escape from Kansas City by means of a set of underground tunnels. In the video game, these are sewage systems. The taking place battle with the resistance and the contaminated likewise plays out rather in a different way, and the program presents its very first bloater (a kind of contaminated).

At the safe home the next day, Sam’s death plays out simply as rapidly– and is simply as ravaging– as in the video game. After his contaminated self attacks Ellie, Henry eliminates Sam:

Frightened by what he’s done, Henry eliminates himself in front of Joel and Ellie:

” It’s an extremely unfortunate scene,” Johnson informed ET of his character’s end. “I’m actually grateful for the chance to be able to enter that area and analyze it in my own method. I likewise didn’t wan na develop a carbon copy from the video game. I did wish to honor his efficiency, since it was gorgeous and it impacted me when I played the video game. I did desire to include my own self and my own impulses to that scene as well.”

EPISODE 6 – Information From ‘The Last of United States Part II’

The 6th episode reunites Joel with his bro Tommy after he and Ellie lastly make it to Wyoming. In the video game, gamers discover Tommy with his better half Maria at a hydroelectric dam that powers a close-by town, and gamers never ever see the town.

In the program, Tommy and Maria (Rutina Wesley) reside in a town carefully based upon a setting from The Last of United States Part II. Much of the information of their time there originated from plot points that play out in the upgraded computer game, however are just discussed in passing in the initial. The motion picture night went to by Ellie and the horse called Shimmer are both from The Last of United States Part II however not in the 2013 video game.

The episode does include among the video game’s most popular scenes: the battle in between Joel and Ellie. Reunited with his sibling, Joel opens up about how afraid he is about not being able to safeguard Ellie. When she overhears his discussion, Ellie feels betrayed, and later on informs Joel she understands about Sarah, his child.

One TikTok user modified the scene in the video game and the program together in one series here:

Enjoy the scene side-by-side here:

EPISODE 7 – Backstory Based upon ‘The Last of United States’ Growth Load

Episode 7 states the night that Ellie discovered she was immune, informing the story of how she got the bite scar on her inner lower arm. In a prolonged flashback scene, Ellie slips out of the QZ (quarantine zone) where she matured to check out a deserted shopping center with her buddy and current Firefly hire, Riley (Storm Reid). Towards completion of their night, Ellie and Riley both admit their romantic sensations for another and share a very first kiss. Right after, they are assaulted by a contaminated and both are bitten.

The episode’s title, “Left,” takes motivation from a growth pack on the initial 2013 computer game. The add-on series is based upon a comic series, The Last of United States: American Dreams, composed by Druckmann and Faith Erin Hicks.

Have a look at this information about the infected-infested American Lady Doll shop and its connection to the video game here:

Ellie discusses Riley in The Last of United States, however gamers do not discover her backstory, or the level of Ellie’s sensations for her up until playing the DLC. Fans were likewise fast to explain the program minutes that referred scenes from the video game:

#TheLastOfUsEp 7 is yet another outstanding ep that resolves sorrow and loss. The whole scene of Riley & Ellie in the shopping mall was quite entertaining and a fantastic adjustment from the video game. We know Ellie’s loss, which is why she feels such a strong connection with Joel. ❤️#tloupic.twitter.com/kBD3uhHk0J

— BeingShivanshMalhotra (@TheShivanshM) February 27, 2023

Druckmann discussed the procedure of expanding her character for the video game’s growth pack in a 2014 interview with Wired ” When I did interviews with Faith for the comics, and we both made the error when we were explaining Ellie and Riley for the very first time– we stated Ellie was drawn in to Riley. We indicated, I believe, that she was simply actually drawn to her, that she truly admired her,” Druckmann stated. “However then I believed in the back of my mind, what if there’s something more than that? It became this intriguing measurement of their relationship that we might check out.”

Though Riley is presumed dead since of the contaminated bite, the comic series and growth pack do not offer anymore information about her death, nor do they discuss when Ellie recognized she was immune or how she discovered Firefly leader Marlene (Merle Dandridge) who audiences fulfilled in episode 1. The jury is still out regarding whether the program will even more establish these stories.

The Last of United States airs Sundays at 9 p.m. PT/ET on HBO and releases at 6 p.m PT/9 p.m. ET on HBO Max.


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