Stephen Colbert found problem for Fox News in its legal fight versus Rule Ballot Systems, which is looking for $1.6 billion from the conservative media business in a character assassination fit.

The judge in the event is ticked that Fox News kept essential proof, specifically a recording of Fox Business character Maria Bartiromo speaking off-the-air with Donald Trump henchman Rudy Giuliani.

In the recording, she asks if he has proof that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has an interest in Rule.

” I have actually checked out that, I can’t show that,” Giuliani responded.

Colbert rolled a clip of Bartiromo then stating on the air about Rule: “I comprehend Nancy Pelosi has an interest in this business.”

Colbert called that “the expression that pays,” which in this case might be the expression that requires Fox News to pay $1.6 billion.

The judge is thinking about selecting an unique master to take a look at whether Fox News lied to the court.

” So the task is to determine whether Fox News lies?” Colbert stated. “Hang on, am I an unique master?”

See Colbert’s complete takedown in his Thursday night monologue: