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EntertainmentGuruApril 23, 2021

Extremely Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady is upset that NFL owners authorized a rule change that will expand the consistent numbers available to gamers.

The change means, for example, that quarterbacks, kickers and punters will no longer be the only players qualified to use a single-digit jersey number. Owners embraced the new rule due to the fact that the broadened practice teams necessitated by COVID-19 issues last season produced number disputes, NFL.com kept in mind.

Not a big deal? They’re simply numbers

But Brady, the winner of 7 Super Bowls, believed otherwise.

Tom Brady weighs in on an NFL guideline change: pic.twitter.com/EhTd8f6kVh

— Lucy Burdge (@LucilleBurdge) April 22, 2021

Part 2: Tom Brady is truly not delighted with the league expanding the use of single-digit numbers. This is his second post on the subject today. pic.twitter.com/djV2oNkNut

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) April 22, 2021

Brady is 43.

I feel like Tom Brady is just an old grumpy man with this new numbers change rule pic.twitter.com/31 rfIVfet0

— coachdrewsmith (@DrewSmi14513048) April 23, 2021

I can not fathom being this mad about jersey numbers which makes me a little ashamed to have Tom Brady on team dark mode

— Amy Cadence (@ghostmomforever) April 22, 2021

Tom Brady was more upset about those uniform numbers than any of the oppressions that have taken place in America in the last year or past 2 weeks … …

— Ty Slamma Jamma (@TyFromTheSky) April 23, 2021

So Tom Brady, a professional of 20 years needs specific jersey numbers to recognize opposing gamers properly? I believe we might have overvalued how wise he is ♂

— KayCee (@KingFrmDa0) April 23, 2021

So, you’re not pleased about the brand-new jersey numbers? Then retire, you huge “0”!

— mary (@mary08307745) April 23, 2021

If @TomBrady thinks his offensive linemen will not understand who to obstruct due to the fact that the DLs have more liberty to select their numbers, every OL on the Bucs must feel insulted, because he just openly called them idiots.

— Cirdon91(@cirdon91) April 23, 2021

Can you picture if all it took to ruin Tom Brady on the field was altering position uniform numbers ?! #nfl #stopbeingababybrady #BillsMafia

— Eric (@EWSportsfan) April 23, 2021

Tom cry baby ass Brady get over yourself about the jersey numbers… you don’t run

— Packers forever MichiganHoops (@45 _ caliber1) April 23, 2021

Well I hate it if Tom dislikes it!

— Tolga Akyatan (@KeefVape) April 23, 2021

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@TomBrady Poor Tommy. Maybe the Giants used the wrong numbers which is why he could not beat them. Go Gmen!!

— Vic Fontana (@fontana_vic) April 23, 2021

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‘ Old Grumpy Male’ Tom Brady Whines About New NFL Numbers Rule

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‘ Old Irritated Man’ Tom Brady Whines About New NFL Numbers Guideline

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