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EntertainmentGuruNovember 9, 2022

Spoiler alert: Continue with care if you have actually not enjoyed the season 3 ending and reunion specials of Love Is Blind

If season 2’s catchphrase was “love is fuzzy,” season 3’s is absolutely, “love is blindsided”! Netflix provided a double dosage of drama on Wednesday, dropping both the wedding-packed ending episode and the reunion unique for season 3 of its hit truth dating program, Love Is Blind

Of the 5 couples to get engaged this time around, 2 state yes at the altar and one rejection became a contemporary love.

However there were certainly some bitter sensations on both sides as the previous couples aired their complaints. ET likewise spoke with numerous members of the cast after the shooting covered, where they provided a lot more insight into what occurred in their relationships.

Here’s where each couple stands:

Brennon and alexa on 'love is blind'


Brennon and Alexa

It was love in the beginning shakshouka dish for this sweet couple as they instantly succumbed to one another in the pods. The set was a simple yes at the altar after an apparently drama-free, whirlwind love.

” It’s tough listening to everybody else’s battle since we didn’t have any, which was unusual,” Alexa states in the reunion, including, “However it was when we did relocate together. I believe it was meals was our very first [fight].”

Alexa includes that she didn’t suggest to appear so standoffish on the series, stating that she didn’t desire her sarcasm to lessen the strength of her love with her now-husband.

” I have actually never ever been enjoyed the method he enjoyed me,” she states through tears.

When It Comes To where they are now, Brennon attempts to tease a prospective infant, however Alexa shuts him down, stating, “He does that all the time. I’m not pregnant … yet.”

Alexa continued to gush to ET’s Will Marfuggi, stating of her marital relationship, “A great deal of individuals state it’s the hardest thing that they have actually ever done. I believe it’s the most convenient thing I have actually ever done. There was never ever actually a concern if we were gon na get wed. He re-proposed every day. He proposed to me leading up and it was constantly yes, there was never ever a concern in my mind.”

Of her brand-new spouse, she includes, “He truly is simply the best human being on Earth. He’s funny as f k. we make ideal sense.”

Cole and zanab on 'love is blind'


Cole and Zanab

This couple was stuffed with issues from the starting thanks to Cole’s honest poolside discussion with Colleen about his destination to her beyond the pods.

” It stung. I understood it existed, however undoubtedly getting to see it direct was actually something,” Zanab states in the reunion episode. “I believe it simply didn’t get dealt with due to the fact that I didn’t get an apology for a long time.”

Cole disagrees with this evaluation, stating he asked forgiveness to his previous fiancée that really night.

Zanab eventually states no at the altar, closing down Cole in a vibrant speech.

” I wait whatever I stated,” Zanab later on informed ET. “Whatever I stated had a significance, a reason I stated it. I didn’t do it to embarrass him. It was more so simply to be accurate and hope that he would be an altered guy for his next healthy relationship that I hope he has.”

Cole, nevertheless, at first did feel that Zanab planned to embarrass him, informing ET, “I actually simply felt deceived. I felt deceived since we had not discussed those things. We had actually argued a lot, however she had actually never ever raised the points that she made at the altar, which is why it simply seemed like it was more about her attempting to harm me than it had to do with simply the no itself.”

He included that talking with his ex after the truth cleared that up, informing ET, “Given that talking with her, it wasn’t her objective at all. It resembled how she was actually sensation, so we overcame all that.”

This conversation plays out on the reunion unique as the 2 were most likely the most combative previous set, making claims and shooting them down simply as quick. The other females concerned Zanab’s defense, calling out Cole for his remarks both on and off screen .

” I believe a lot of things occurred off video camera. He resembles pleasant when you’re viewing it and feeling in one’s bones what I understand, I do not understand, it’s simply, it’s tough since I believe Zay is simply an amazing, unbelievable, unbelievable lady,” Alexa states.

Raven includes, “I’ll simply state it, it was the tangerine thing. It was where he got a lady’s number at the bachelor celebration and all of that. And they even spoke about that. There was a lot of things. There was the body shaming that we saw on television.”

The “tangerine thing” or the “Cuties video” ended up being a significant subject of conversation throughout the reunion. Zanab implicates Cole of damaging her self-confidence by making many remarks about what she was consuming.

” The pressing food far from me, asking if I’m going to consume that, attempting to get me to purchase a salad,” she states. “The day-to-day remarks about my face and my body were not utilized which’s terrific due to the fact that it truly did secure you and now you’re rejecting it and now calling me a phony in front of all these individuals.”

” That’s generally what it is when you comprise stories, Zay,” Cole responds.

Zanab goes on to declare that as an outcome of her ex’s remarks, “I stopped consuming. I was consuming like a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter so I would not lose consciousness on the long days we were shooting.”

Cole consistently rejects making any such remarks, and Zanab responds, “This is all exercising in your favor since they did not utilize it.”

” Please air it! If you have it, please air it,” Cole asks, dealing with the electronic camera.

Well, the Netflix gods heard all the audiences’ prayers, airing the scene completely at the end of the reunion unique. In the clip, the previous set is seen talking about their approaching weddings while standing in their cooking area and Zanab takes out a bowl and they begin equally snacking on Cutie clementine oranges.

” Are you ready to consume 2 of those?” Cole asks Zanab.

” Perhaps, that’s a serving,” she responds. “You OK with that?”

” You ‘d much better conserve your appetit-o,” he responds. “I’m talking like a huge ‘ole dinner tonight.”

Love is blind


Love is blind


” I just had a banana and a scoop of peanut butter today,” she responds.

” You just had a banana today?” he asks. “Why? I used you a poké bowl.”

” I understand you did, however we had that last night. Oh I might certainly inform you, however I most likely should not,” she states.

” Oh, are you getting bridal gown body?” he asks.

” Something like that,” she responds to.

In the reunion, Cole states he is sorry for going on the program, prior to breaking into tears.

” I stated some things I ‘d never ever state and viewing it damaged me,” he confesses.

Cole on 'love is blind'


” Cole, I do not regret you at all. You truly did teach me a lot about myself,” Zanab informs him.

Cole tearfully contributes to his ex, “I like you which’s why I could not connect to you due to the fact that I didn’t comprehend our wedding. It didn’t make good sense to me in any method. That’s why I never ever texted you. I resembled, ‘I’m going to go bury myself in work and simply never date anybody once again since that was hell.’ And after that I enjoy it and I resemble, ‘Yeah, I’m a dumbass.’ What was I stating? I do not even understand the context. It does not matter what the context is and I’m actually sorry. I comprehend where you’re coming from now.”

When It Comes To where she is now, Zanab informs ET she’s single, including, “The DMs are open.”

Matt and colleen on 'love is blind'


Matt and Colleen

After a number of efforts to escape (on Matt’s part), the set lastly made it to the altar, and it truly seemed like they might go in any case. They eventually both stated “I do.”

” Increasing to the day, we still didn’t understand what we were gon na do,” Matt informs ET. “We understood we remained in love, however we didn’t understand if we must truly do it or if we must keep dating and all this things, however when I saw her strolling down the aisle, I understood. All the excellent memories came, and it was much like, I can’t let this lady pass. I understand I enjoy this woman. I understand that we do have considerable capacity here. I can’t let this pass, and after that we simply we stated yes, and we have actually grown ever since.”

Throughout the reunion, Colleen explains their marital relationship as “actually great,” however the set likewise exposes that they have an uncommon living circumstance because they have not formally relocated together yet.

” We got wed in an unconventional method so we’re doing marital relationship in an unconventional method,” Colleen shares.

They state that logistics and cash have actually kept them from starting, however that they invest every day together and completely mean on relocating together quickly.

” We have a strategy, in a couple months we ensured our leases line up and we are going to relocate together,” Coleen shares. “I can’t wait to relocate with him. I can’t wait and I’m going to invest the rest of my life with him. I’m content. We are content. We’re on the exact same page with how we’re doing things.”

Sk and raven


SK and Raven

In maybe the most stunning altar minute of the season, SK states no to his bride-to-be even as his mom is mouthing the words “I do” in the parish.

” It actually boiled down to, do I wish to do this to please all these individuals? Or do I wish to do this for my life at this very minute?” SK states at the reunion, including that he didn’t decide up until he remained in the minute.

” It seemed like a motion picture. He actually took, like, 5 minutes to state, ‘I do not.’ It felt phony, like, this is actually what you see in motion pictures,” Raven includes, keeping in mind that she wasn’t “blindsided” always, however rather “unprepared” and “a little surprised.”

However it ends up, the 2 are still together and making it work far away.

” Our interaction– I believe I can promote both people– we have actually never ever been on this level in any other relationship,” Raven states. “Each time I seem like we reach a brand-new level. Absolutely nothing’s ideal, however we have actually grown a lot from this experiment, to start with, from what we went through, from being apart. It makes it a lot better when we’re together. Obviously, I ‘d choose to be with him every day, however we have actually grown a lot from it and it’s actually gorgeous to do that.”

She includes that they waited to make love till after their wedding event, however jokes of the time prior to the wedding event: ” You got ta trial run.”

Raven likewise informed ET of her life with SK beyond the pods, stating, ” I fell for him more every day simply seeming like, ‘OK, I can actually live this life permanently with this guy,’ so after doing that for nevertheless long we did it up till the wedding event, I was all set to go. It truly assured me that we might begin with truly, truly low and develop our relationship into something that I believed was actually lovely.”

Bartise and nancy on 'love is blind'


Bartise and Nancy

Not all altar rejections turned into happily-ever-afters. After Bartise stated no to Nancy at the altar, triggering a practically brawl in between the groom and Nancy’s protective household, the exes were still plainly raw from the experience.

” I was totally sad, shattered, like, my heart was put in a mixer and after that served to my audience,” Nancy informed ET. “That’s what I felt because minute. It took me a while to simply figure out how do I fix this heart that I have, this love that I have for an individual who didn’t select me? I believe my mindset in the beginning was– he didn’t select me. He gets to lose me? Simply sort of staying with concentrating on myself and simply recovery from a heartbreak. After a long time, we did reconnect and we did rework what occurred the day of the wedding event.”

Bartise informed ET that when he reconnected with Nancy after the wedding event, she made it clear “she didn’t desire anything to do with me,” including, “She called it black and white. We’re done here, which I appreciated.”

For Nancy, rewatching their romance play out even more strengthened that they weren’t suggested to be.

” Truthfully, I believe for me it wasn’t till I just recently saw the whole season to acknowledge a few of the important things that … viewing it back not just did I view myself, however I was enjoying it from the perspective of Bartise,” she discussed to ET. “I was seeing it from the viewpoint of our relationship. I was enjoying my good friends and what they were stating. Yeah, I believe it was simply a matter of figuring out, what does this ‘after the altar’ appearance like for us?”

Bartise, nevertheless, states in the reunion that he enjoyed it back and discovered himself wanting he ‘d provided a various response.

” Enjoying it back I was rooting for us,” he states. “I was seeing it, understanding what I state, I was still like, ‘State it, state I do,’ which is insane to believe.”

Nancy gets really psychological hearing this, destroying, prior to stating, “I stated it many times, I actually did enjoy you a lot. And I believe it was the guarantee that you made to me that you would not blindside me. That we would have truthful discussions and actually you did the total reverse,” prior to including, “Love is blindsided for me.”

The other ladies likewise safeguard Nancy versus Bartise, declaring to have actually seen him with another lady soon after his unsuccessful wedding event.

” The next day after the wedding event, he had a lady,” Alexa claims.

Nancy elaborates that she saw images and videos on social networks of her ex with a “high blonde” in the days following their wedding event.

” Yes, there was a blonde woman with me, that night, absolutely nothing took place, something ultimately took place on July 4 on a boat, a boat celebration,” Bartise confesses. “There’s a great deal of drinking and there’s a great deal of coping that I’m doing. If I do not cope the proper way, to be sincere, I do not believe my sex life is any person’s business here. Specifically after how we chose to cut ties. The timing of it, I can see being incorrect and I’m sorry for that, however I do not feel comfy speaking about my sex life here.”

Andrew liu on 'love is blind'



Unfortunately, Andrew didn’t make a cameo to talk about the viral minute after his declined proposition to Nancy where he put eye drops in his eyes, pretending to weep.

” Shout-out to Andrew, who did not get on the aircraft, chose not to come, wise guy,” co-host Vanessa Lachey quips in the reunion. “We did welcome Andrew. He selected not to come.”

Season 3 of Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix.


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‘ Love Is Blind’ Season 3: Who Married, Who’s Still Together and the ‘Cuties’ Scene

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‘ Love Is Blind’ Season 3: Who Married, Who’s Still Together and the ‘Cuties’ Scene

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