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Denzel Washington is reacting to Ellen Pompeo’s story about him. In an interview with Range, the 67- year-old star uses his take on what decreased when he directed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in 2015, following Pompeo’s expose that they entered into a yelling match on set.

” No, no,” Washington informs the publication, declaring that he does not remember the event in concern. With a “minor smile,” according to the outlet, Washington includes, “However it’s all great.”

Pompeo initially went public with her story in a September episode of her podcast, Inform Me, which is provided by Cadence13

” He did the program since his partner is a huge fan … I believe he saw it as a great workout to simply can be found in and direct something fast,” Pompeo informed Grey’s alum Patrick Dempsey. ” However, envision Denzel Washington coming on to direct an episode of Grey’s Anatomy? That’s something that I never ever believed that I would see, ever.”

In spite of Pompeo’s enjoyment about having Washington direct, and the Oscar winner having an “incredible” existence on set, things didn’t go off without a drawback, according to the starlet.

” Super stars are super stars for a factor. There’s simply an energy and a vibration that they release that makes them extremely charming. Patrick has it, Obama has it, anybody that I have actually ever fulfilled that’s, like, insane charming has it,” she discussed. “And Denzel has it in spades, for sure … However, Denzel’s a film star? He does not understand s t about directing television.”

While the recording the episode, in which Pompeo’s character, Meredith Grey, is completely assaulted by an epileptic client, leading to a damaged jaw that needed to be wired shut, to name a few injuries, the starlet made an off-script option that Washington did dislike.

” Among the scenes at the end of the episode, I need to go [confront] this guy who beat me up,” she remembered. ” Therefore Meredith was actually reluctant and unwilling. My jaw was broken, and I could not bring myself to go hear the apology from this character … She was simply at the point where she wasn’t having it.”

” I didn’t actually wish to speak to this star [Dohn Norwood] or see this star prior to we did this scene, so I didn’t have much interaction with him at all,” she continued. “And after that, he asked forgiveness to me, however he was doing it truly gently. He made this option to speak extremely gently. And I was pissed that I needed to sit there and listen to this apology. And he wasn’t taking a look at me in the eye … and I chewed out him, I resembled, ‘Take a look at me! When you ask forgiveness, take a look at me!’ Which wasn’t in the discussion.”

In action, Pompeo declared, “Denzel went ham on my a . He resembled, ‘I’m the director! Do not you inform him what to do!'” In turn, Pompeo reacted, “Listen, motherf ker, this is my program! This is my set! … You hardly even understand where the restroom is!”

” I have the utmost regard for him as a star, as a director, as whatever, however we went at it!” Pompeo stated. “And after that his better half concerned set to check out, and I was not speaking to him. I seethed at him. And I informed his partner, I resembled, ‘Yeah, he chewed out me today. He let me have it today, and I’m not okay with him, and I’m not taking a look at him, and I’m not speaking with him.'”

” We didn’t get though it without a battle, however, you understand, that’s stars for you! Enthusiastic and intense, that’s where you get the magic. That’s where you get the excellent things. It was a remarkable experience,” she included. ” We were great after that. He’s simply among the very best to ever do it.”

Grey’s Anatomy returns with a brand-new episode Thursday, Feb. 24 on ABC.


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Denzel Washington Responds to Ellen Pompeo’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Battle Story

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Denzel Washington Responds to Ellen Pompeo’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Battle Story

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