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Caution: spoiler alert! Spoilers ahead for the best episode of Marvel’s Secret Intrusion

As Nick Fury’s righthand lady, Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill has actually belonged to the Marvel Cinematic Universe given that the extremely first Avengers movie back in2012 And while the character has actually gone through something of a design advancement in the years given that, she’s stayed a continuous part of S.H.I.E.L.D. command.

” From the spandex and stiletto high heels to fight boots and blue denims,” Smulders joked with ET’s Ash Crossan at the best for Marvel’s latest minimal series, Secret Intrusion. “I blipped, I returned, I’m not using heels.”

Within the on-screen world of the MCU, Hill and Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) have actually been MIA for numerous years. Fury ran away to area after the world-shifting occasions of Avengers: Endgame, and Hill appears to have actually been laying low in his lack. Both return for Secret Intrusion to deal with the increasing hazard of the alien Skrulls– when allies of Fury, the refugee race has actually now divided into factions, some of which are trying to take Earth for themselves.

“[Nick Fury] has an actually long history with the Skrulls,” Smulders informed ET at Comic-Con last summer season. “He sort of feels obligation towards them, and he seems like he owes them a financial obligation. It’s truly, actually made complex.”

At the Secret Intrusion best, Smulders shared that the brand-new series is a tonal shift for Marvel, and one she was delighted to be a part of.

” I would state the tone of it is much darker than what they have actually had in the past,” she kept in mind. “I believe the cool thing that Marvel is doing are these series where you get to take a look at these characters in a various method. You have more time to see them in their individual lives.”

” We actually get to see that in this series with Nick Fury,” the starlet continued. “Like, who’s the male of secret, genuinely? What is the rest of his household like? Does he have a household? What does he carry out in his off time?”

Sadly, following the Secret Intrusion best, it appears that a person of the important things Fury will be doing is grieving his 2nd in command. After Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) took Fury’s type throughout the turmoil of the Skrulls battle St. Petersburg, he shot Hill from close quarters, and the genuine Fury needed to view as she bled out– apparently signifying completion of her time in the Marvel Universe. (Though, as faithful fans understand, S.H.I.E.L.D. representatives have returned in the past from similarly-fatal injuries.)

” I have actually been a quite fortunate woman,” Smulders shared of her time in the MCU throughout ET’s roundtable interview with the Secret Intrusion cast, making unique note of her scenes with Jackson.

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” The important things I like about Sam is that he produces such an enjoyable environment on and off set,” she shared. “Particularly in these truly dark scenes that we often need to do together, when somebody screams cut, it’s simply back to enjoyable and joy.”

Regardless of her on-screen death, Hill is reported to be part of the upcoming MCU team-up movie, The Marvels, though that does not always suggest Smulders’ character is being reanimated. It’s possible that the movie– a follow-up to 2019’s Captain Marvel, which was embeded in the 1990 s– might include the character in flashback scenes. With the normal Marvel lockdown on future information and spoilers, fans will simply need to wait and see!

Secret Intrusion is streaming now on Disney+, with brand-new episodes premiering every Wednesday.


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Cobie Smulders Reviews Maria Hill’s Journey in the MCU (Unique)

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Cobie Smulders Reviews Maria Hill’s Journey in the MCU (Unique)

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